Why A Slogan Tee?

T-Shirts have always represented a strong form of communication with which the wearers put personal expressions, marketing hypes, campaign phrase, and funny slogans on the fabric. Even major companies use t-shirt as marketing tool as well; some companies print pictures of their products or brand logos on either back or front (sometimes both) part of the t-shirt, effectively making the wearers advertising agents.

In modern days where freedom of speech and expressions flourish, slogan t-shirts are no longer exclusive for marketing campaign; every individual can use t-shirts to deliver messages or express opinions about anything including the current political situations and social issues.  One of the main reasons that politicians use slogan t-shirt for their campaigns is its attention-grabbing nature, as suggested by Steven Fielding, professor of political history at the University of Nottingham, published by The Independent.

Sometimes we have to admit that freedom of speech and expressions are a bit overrated. People have the rights to say anything and express themselves in a way they see fit, but others also have the choice to ignore your opinions. However, slogans on t-shirt is good at attracting people’s attentions. Whether or not they care about what the slogans say, people read the slogans anyway. Some take this matter seriously and utilize the attention-grabbing power of slogan t-shirt to deliver sensitive messages or campaign phrases for good causes, while others simply enjoy the fun and choose to print easy-to-understand funny slogans as forms of public entertainment.

If a bold statement written all over a t-shirt can be powerful marketing tool, it is safe to say that people can convert it into a form of public amusement. In the old days, these slogans mostly told stories about who you were: the music you listened to, TV shows you watched, or your professions. Fast forward to modern times, the slogans no longer convey messages about identity only, and the funny slogan t-shirts thrive. People make funny statements about anything and tell stories to the public without saying a word.

Just like tattoos, printed images or words have either obvious or hidden meaning. People like to wear funny slogans for many reasons: to entertain the public, to deliver satirical messages, to curse the society, and basically to express personal perspectives toward something. Now that everybody can write their own messages or quote famous people’s sentences via online printing, funny slogan t-shirts are also unique in their own ways.

- Jane Smith

Personal Coach
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